At the moment we're unable to present our usual "live" shows, but we're still on air 24/7 continuing to keep patients entertained with a variety of music, information, pre-recorded shows, our acclaimed Sundown Sessions and the latest news every hour from the Sky News Centre.
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John and Genevieve in the Royal Free Radio studio

Regular listeners will have noticed a new voice on the show for the past couple of weeks. Here's a little introduction to our newest team member, Genevieve.

Royal Free Radio operates a request show for the patients of Chase Farm, North Mid and The Royal Free Hospitals from Sunday through Friday between 8 and 10pm. You can send in a request for a patient via our requests page. Simply fill in a form for your dedication to be played out live on the radio. read more
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If you want to find out more about Royal Free Radio's history, you can read more via our handy 'History' section of the website. It covers our operation all the way from the 1970's to the present day read more