At the moment we're unable to present our usual "live" shows, but we're still on air 24/7 continuing to keep patients entertained with a variety of music, information, pre-recorded shows, our acclaimed Sundown Sessions and the latest news every hour from the Sky News Centre.
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Presenter Profiles

You can find out what our presenter's favourite tracks are and how they got involved in Hospital Radio with our presenter profile's page.
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Track Information

Royal Free Radio uses a computer playout system to provide the patients a non-stop music service. This includes software which allows us to show what song we are currently playing, making our website a more useful tool.
What's On

Royal Free Radio broadcasts to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have a look at our daily schedule via the What's On section of this website. From here you can see what the presenters have in store for you. read more