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Denis OShea
Denis has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 2003
You can next hear Denis on Monday from 8pm.
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Memorable Moment
Interviewing Osvaldo Ardiles for REHB 40th Birthday programme.
Personal Comments

I have been a Spurs fan since very young, enjoying their current run of success. Genealogy - I have been piecing together my family tree for over 25 years. Having made contact with relatives in Ireland, USA, Australia. REHB I have known Joe Forster Programme Director for over twenty years. Having turned up at a Chase Farm Hospital function some years ago, I contacted REHB and became studio helper, then a presenter on Mondays Nights with Colin Dye. Some years ago I started collecting the original tracks of some well known recordings, eg The Searchers recorded Sweets for my sweet. This was a cover of the original track recorded in the USA by the Drifters, although their version is slower than the Searchers. Over the years I have found many such tracks of this type. Having spent some time myself in Chase Farm Hospital, I appreciated the request programmes and music output of the station. Getting involved in the stations new Myriad system has taken me to a new level, and the stations 24 hour output is of great benefit to the patients of Chase Farm Hospital.Giving the patients a tonic.