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Ken Anton
Ken has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 2014
You can next hear Ken on Sunday from 10am.
Ken's Shows
» In The Drawing Room
» Sunny Side Of The Street
Ken's Favourite Song
Sunny Side Of The Street - Louis Armstrong
Personal Comments

For me, hospital radio is all about making your stay in hospital just a little bit easier, and I hope you enjoy the music I play. My taste in music is wide-ranging, from the classical music played by my parents when I was young, through the pop of the 70s in my teenage years, to just about anything with a good tune for singing along to.

"The Sunny Side Of The Street" is a varied mixture of "good old tunes", which will bring back happy memories, if you have heard the song before, or perhaps just introduce you to a new melody. Just one of the advantages of hospital radio is that it can bring a wide range of styles of music in just one programme, aiming to play something that you will like.