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Patrick Kingham
Patrick has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 1976
Patrick's Shows
» The Mix
» Patrick's Request Show
» Calm Down Dear
» Elegant Affair
Patrick's Favourite Song
Never Let Her Slip Away - Andrew Gold
Memorable Moment
Meeting my wife at Radio Enfield which became Royal Free Radio.
Personal Comments

Hi there! I've been involved in hospital radio for quite a while now. It all started back in the 1970s when I joined Radio Enfield, which is now known as Royal Free Radio. I've always had a passion for broadcasting. During my time at Radio Enfield, I met and married my wife. Back in those early years I had the pleasure of interviewing Des O'Connor, Patrick Moore, Richard Briers and the unique dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse. After some years, I took a break from the station for around 35 years ! Life took me in different directions, and radio had to take a backseat. But following the pandemic, I felt a strong pull to return to Royal Free Radio. It was a bit nerve-wracking coming back after such a long time, but I embraced the changes and new technologies. I enjoy the process which hopefully goes someway to ease the boredom of a hospital stay Now, as part of the Royal Free Radio family once again, I feel pleased to be a part of it all again.