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Tom Delaney
Tom has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 1990
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Memorable Moment
The Live FM Broadcast From Enfield Town Park
Personal Comments

My love of music began when my parents purchased their first radiogram in 1973. The only records in the house were those of my parents, - a suitcase full of 78's and old 45's. I remember putting on Diana By Paul Anka and deciding at that playing records was something I would enjoy for the rest of my life.I joined Radio Enfield as a studio help in 1990, - I had been away from music for almost 5 years, and decided that I needed to be with people who loved radio as much as myself.

I remember in the early days when we used to catalogue records by hand on index cards, which although slow, you did get to know and awful lot of records which otherwise you would never of known. My shift was with a lady called Winn, a studio helper who had a remarkable knowledge of music. I got my "break in 1991, and went on air doing a Thursday night program and have been on air since and have been on Fridays Nights Since 1992.The Radio Enfield Road shows are some of the most memorable times for me. First because of the live audience experience, for example being on stage in front of thousands of people when we hosted the annual firework displays at Enfield Town Park.

Secondly it's the amazing people you meet at some of the smaller functions that we did for local charities, each time you come away thinking that the world is not such a bad place with such wonderfully dedicated people to their Cause.Being a Radio Enfield member is like a family, sometime we don't see each other for months, but when we get together we all have a common link, - our love of radio, and our passion for music and a dedication for what we do.