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Andy Higgins
About Andy
Andy has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 1980
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Andy's Favourite Song
Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
Memorable Moment
FM Broadcasts from Town Park
Personal Comments
I started at Radio Enfield too many years ago to remember (or reveal!). I started by helping in the studio and with a bit of engineering work as I carelessly let it slip that I knew the right end of a soldering iron to hold! Before long I started doing programmes and to give you an idea when that was I can remember playing Diana Ross and "Upside Down" (which was current at the time) in my first programme. Since becoming Station Manager I have enjoyed loads of events that we have got involved with. Some that particularly stick in my mind are the live FM broadcasts that we have done from the Town Show in the park. They were a huge effort to organise but great fun to do. I've also enjoyed evolving the station in recent years, moving it into new studios, getting a Lottery Grant to install new equipment and getting us up to date with inovations such as our internet broadcasting. Now the station is nearly 45 years old and still going strong, I'm sure there will be a few more challenges to solve in the coming years!!