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Jeff Lincoln
About Jeff
Jeff has been a member of Royal Free Radio since 2004
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Jeff's Favourite Song
Miracles by Jefferson Starship
Memorable Moment
The 40th Anniversary week-end of live broadcasting.
Personal Comments
I have had a great time at Radio Enfield since I joined. All the volunteers are good company and create a very good atomosphere, which makes it all the more fun. I like all types of music from hard rock,pop,jazz,blues,easy listening and classical, as long as it is done well, with two exceptions,rap, I just don't see the point, and those strange DJ "mash ups", again, whats the point? Playing requests for all the varied types of music we get asked to play, makes an interesting mix and you just never know what you will be asked for. I Just wish we had more (or even some) on Fridays, still we may get a request collector sometime in the future. When I joined I did not think I would end up presenting quite so quickly but after some good training and many demo tapes I made it. Since then I have been doing the first hour of the Friday night request show and also sitting for some of the other presenters when they are away. It is great fun and long may it continue.